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    Issues regarding Guild and WOE.

    Schwalkzvad Beoulve

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    Issues regarding Guild and WOE. Empty Issues regarding Guild and WOE.

    Post  Schwalkzvad Beoulve Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:13 pm

    There are currently some issues in our guild regarding WOE.
    1. Some of our members moved to Transcension, which might fine at first, IF they promised to WOE with us every American Saturday WOE. Members that moved to Transcension without noticing the guild will (most likely) not allowed to be re added, even if Transcension isn't active anymore. For example - Athena -.
    2. Yggs will be given if you ask. Since we do not get castle in a regular basis, you can ask yggs before or after WOE, therefore it is used for WOE. If you need some, please contact one of the leader through pms, forums, or msn so that we can give you if you need it urgently.
    3. At current situation, as we (most likely) are not able to break the castles because they are well defended, I want breakers to switch to semi killer mode during Saturday American WOE so that they can kill the defenders. We will still break with our characters. Other class please put on survivability equipment, not damage. For example, champs. Don't put on full asura gear and die in 2 hits.

    If you have anything else to say regarding guild/WOE, please post your opinions here and let's discuss it together.

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