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    Post WoE Guild Events


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    Post WoE Guild Events Empty Post WoE Guild Events

    Post  Sessions Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:24 am

    Yeah so I was thinking back to the influ days and this is really why I enjoyed that guild so ya. I think we should do 1 event that we vote on, 1 Team PvP (or more for fun) and 1 Guild LMS after woes as long as we have enough people on.

    A couple of suggestions for events.
    Dice: Which can be run at g_room1-2 237 276 just the GM dice except we can't murder all the "dead" people so we'd just have to say they are out.

    Team PvP and LMS: Just like the good ol days at pvp_y_2-2 130 110 and pvp_n_2-5 100 100


    Hide and Seek<-Not a fan but meh.

    Ken style dice: Still not a fan but meh.

    Anyway I couldn't really fund these events with prizes but we could just do something simple like Seed/Berry tickets, Flappy Wings, spare rucks, etc. (Although if people want a bunch of random cards like 4 phrees, 6 incants, LK, sniper, WS I could donate those as prizes.)

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    Post  Hysterical Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:54 pm

    Hmm~ Good old time's.

    && Not to much for the prize or some ppl will just go like " Omg, can you let me win please? " Lol, no offense. Smile

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    Post  Toash Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:18 am

    just do the simple one which is BIG or SMALL

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