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    We're Fully Back [Updated]

    Schwalkzvad Beoulve

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    We're Fully Back [Updated] Empty We're Fully Back [Updated]

    Post  Schwalkzvad Beoulve Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:00 am

    After quite a few months, we're finally back. There are some things that you guys should remember.
    1. We only join Friday European WoE and Saturday American WoE.
    2. Since we only joining 2 WoE, some of you guys that want to be active during Monday European WoE and Wednesday American WoE, you can either WoE here (if you get it, screenshot, and the treasure is all yours) or you can WoE with other guild. But remember, if you WoE with other guild, please still do the Friday European WoE and Saturday American WoE with us.
    3. As you guys know that our guild is pretty small compared to others, we will not be able to defend. So, for the first 45 minutes, you guys are free to WoE with other guild, at least you guys can get some supplies and hopefully treasure from them (later on). But for the last 15 minutes, I want you guys to switch / dual-client to your character in the guild. If you guys do not want people to know, you guys can use your unknown character.
    4. You will have your own custom titles, since we do not have that many members, once we have a lot, you'll get a special one.
    5. You are still free to add your alternative characters to the guild.
    6. If we get a castle, the breaker will be allowed to get the first Golden Valkyrie Helm or Rucksack that is dropped. The second one will be kept by the guild, either sold (tokens will be used to buy speed potions) or will be given to those who needs it. Emperium Aurora and Imperial Helms giving method is still on discussion.

    Thank you. Feel free to leave any comments, complaints, and concerns.

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    We're Fully Back [Updated] Empty Re: We're Fully Back [Updated]

    Post  Sessions Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:27 am


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    We're Fully Back [Updated] Empty Re: We're Fully Back [Updated]

    Post  Toash Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:19 am

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    We're Fully Back [Updated] Empty Re: We're Fully Back [Updated]

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