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    Guild Rules [Updated on May 9, 2011]

    Schwalkzvad Beoulve

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    Guild Rules [Updated on May 9, 2011] Empty Guild Rules [Updated on May 9, 2011]

    Post  Schwalkzvad Beoulve Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:48 pm

    1. Please respect one another in order for us to avoid any problem. If any of you have any problem with any of the guild members, you can tell me and we can sort it out. Since we are only recruiting people that we know, do not try to get in a fight between members. We are trying to build a strong community here.

    2. Respect other people outside the guild. If you want to mock people, broadcast stupid things about other guild, please do not do so. We might kick you right on the spot if we catch you do that. Do not get mad and say that we did not warn you. It will not only ruin your reputation, it will also ruin our reputation as a guild.

    3. Guild treasure drops will be kept by TheTreasure, a Whitesmith in the guild. We will show you the screenshot of the castle treasure drops. It will be handed out to you guys, but in a really long period of time (I have told you that before you joined the guild).

    4. Do not recruit other players, even if they are your best friend. If you want to get them into the guild, let me know and I will discuss about it further. The invite is available for you guys to recruit your alternative characters.

    5. Since the guild is getting bigger, we do not give any personalized title. We do not want people to feel that ther's any favoritism in the guild, therefore everyone would be equal.

    6. Please follow the forum posting guide in every section, if there is any. It will help us, leaders, to keep track on things. Do not post stupid posts, or it will be deleted.

    7. Please use your main character's IGN (in-game name) or the name that people know you most in game as your forum name. You can change it. This will allow us to know who you are and enable us to communicate with individuals easier.

    8. If you guys have any concern or suggestion, please feel free to post it in the General Discussion section, so that everyone in the guild can give out their opinions too.


    Additional rules and regulations:

    9. When someone breaks with no one online during WoE, they will get ALL of the treasure during that period. They will be allowed to open up the box, or will be opened by the leader, and given to the person. Evidence of the items will be posted through a screenshot. An evidence of breaking, time, and number of guildmates on should also be presented in a screenshot as a proof that that person gets the castle. (Show first page of the guild option, do @time after woe ends, and screenshot right afterwards).

    10. When someone breaks when the whole team is there (whole means a lot of members there), they are allowed to open the first day of treasure box, and the drops can be taken by themselves, or given to the guild treasurer. An evidence should also be posted in the forum when somebody opens up the treasure boxes.

    11. Recruiting is now allowed, but please recruit geared members, and experienced. We, leaders, do not want players that do not know what to do during WoE.

    12. Please change your forum name to your name that is identifiable. (Arch name, nickname, etc.) Do not use something like "Cute Girl", since we will not be able to identify who you are. If the name continues on for a long period of time, the account might be banned for security purposes.

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